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Markov, Margaret 1 Review
Love, Lucretia 1 Review
Louise, Marie 1 Review
Grier, Pam 3 Reviews
Count, Mary 1 Review

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Margaret Markov
Immy was written on September 8, 2006

Topless and very brief muff

Margaret shows skin the most often in this Roman gladiator flick. After she's abducted and taken to a small village she and three other slave girls are stripped and washed down (0:07, boobs and very brief muff getting her outfit torn from her, slow it down to see it best). Later at an orgy she refuses to participate which leads to her getting raped (0:13, topless after her tunic is ripped open) then she's chosen to spend the night with gladiator Vassili Karis (0:19, boobs and butt). At 0:46 she wears a see-thru garment that shows her boobs very well for about five minutes as she and the girls plot an escape. Her character is very rebellious but her bod is nice.

Lucretia Love
Immy was written on September 8, 2006

Nude (0:07)

Lucretia Love is a real cutie. She and three other girls are captured and brought to a small Roman village where they see to the needs of the galdiators. She and the other girls are stripped and washed down right out in the open. At first she's held topless on the ground by one of the soldiers (chicken feathers are everywhere!) then there are great humiliation shots as she's prodded with a soapy sponge on a stick while fully nude. Lucretia's the only girl who really doesn't cover up much and her tiny-titted frame gets full but brief exposure.

Marie Louise
Immy was written on September 8, 2006

Nude (0:08)

Marie is one of four slave girls captured and brought to serve gladiators' needs during Roman times. She and the other girls are stripped and washed down out in the open city square. She's nude, but only her butt and left boob are visible. Great reaction shots as she gets doused with buckets of water.

Pam Grier
swieez was written on July 8, 2005


Holy cow, Pam has a huge beaver. It is worth seeing the black cat on her lap. Huge rack, too!

Condor was written on April 17, 1999

Fill Frontal

Pam bares it all in this dumb historic dramawe can see her elaborate boobs and bush as well as her ass when she and the other girls are getting washedthen there is on more boos only scene while fightingother then the shower scene the movie is crap!

jineudo was written on September 10, 2007

Public Washing Scene

There are lots of nude scenes in this movie, but the best is where Pam Grier, Margaret Markov, Lucretia Love and Marie Louise all stand fully nude out in the streets (presumably in complete humiliation) as people throw buckets of water on them repeatedly and a woman uses a sponge on a stick to soap up and wash Lucretia and Marie. Pam gets wet and soapy like the other girls. What amazed me was how the others look flat-chested when standing beside Grier's 38DD's. Pam's huge bush is another part of this scene woth seeing.

Mary Count
Immy was written on September 8, 2006


Mary is a hot little cookie who plays one of the gladiator's women. She wakes up topless in bed next to Pietro Ceccarelli after having a nightmare (0:35, topless) and is briefly topless being dressed for battle (0:37). Slim, pretty girl.

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