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Sabrina Siani
Immy was written on October 26, 2008


Sabrina's fine form is seen far too little in this post-apocalyptic film. First she's found among survivors of a biker gang attack (0:07, left breast hanging out of her tatttered clothes). Then when the bad guys take over their compound she's on her knees and gets her top ripped off (0:34 topless, the guy even fondles her left boob). After that we only get a brief left nip slip (0:37) when standing with her daughter.

Geretta Geretta
Immy was written on October 26, 2008

Nip slips (1:21)

During the final battle, bad girl Geretta tries to steal something from a slave girl. As she tells the girl to give it to her, her nips can be seen poking over the edge of her skimpy top. Harrison Muller sees her and shoots her, causing her to land on her back on a table, making her nips pop out again.

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