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Lee, Sheryl 4 Reviews
Colaiuta, Darlene 2 Reviews

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Sheryl Lee
draxter was written on February 29, 2000


I rented the video based on the above review. I was sorely dissapointed. First, the movie absolutely sucks. It's terrible. Bad acting, terrible story. Next, when she is rising out of the tub you barely see anything at all, and the medium long shot is a long long long shot where you can hardly see a thing. For sheryll naked get backbeat. Better movie, better view.

Fluxy was written on June 27, 2000

Sheryl shows off her twin peaks

Let me just say that I believe Sheryl Lee is the best looking chick around. Only borrow this movie if you wish to see Sheryl's breasts (in the scene where she gets out of the bath), and her bush (be warned, you may need your glasses to get a good view as she appears naked from behind a screen in the background of the shot). This scene will leave you panting for more!!!

Chicago was written on September 16, 2002

1 very brief scene

At :53.75, Sheryl with short bleach-blonde hair is seen emerging from the water...breasts seen close-up for 1 sec. as she stands; immediately after there's a 2 sec. full frontal view from a looong distance (nothing much seen) as she walks up behind the guy. draxter's review is the most accurate by far.

slayer was written on January 6, 2000

full frontal

In this great little film we see sheryl rising out of a bath tub naked. Tits & bush are in clear sight as she rises out of the tub. we then get a middle distance full frontal shot of her walking towards some guy. pretty good

Darlene Colaiuta
Invader was written on November 22, 2004

breast bumped while undressing

As she and the guy are frantically removing their cloths his hand inadvertantly bumps a large firm breast, setting it a jiggle. A nice little apparently unplanned moment. This scene is too short to rate more than two stars.

Chicago was written on September 16, 2002

1 scene

Huge-breasted Darlene puts moves on the guy, the two go back to an apartment, and her bra is removed revealing her large twins at :32. As they start getting it on, he gets spooked and calls it quits; as she gets up to go, her ass is then briefly viewable in a thong--35 sec. total nudity.

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