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Anatomie's Sexy Actors

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Speckhahn, Holger 5 Reviews
Schwering-Sohnrey, Arndt 4 Reviews
Fürmann, Benno 6 Reviews
Blomberg, Sebastian 3 Reviews

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Holger Speckhahn
Ozzie700 was written on August 13, 2002

Bed Rear

He is the most attractive man in the film (love the glasses), and based on the distant rear view and how he fills out a towel, he has a great ass. Too bad we didn't get to see more. Before his death, there is a lengthy sequence of his glasses being pulled off and him and Anna trying to rut on a slab. Then after he's killed one of the villians yanks and cuts his clothes off of him (they only let us see up to when he's in his boxers). Strange, but not unarousing.

Mattg was written on April 26, 2001

Hot guy

Very, very cute actor. We see him lying naked on his stomach on a bed, and can see his ass, but it is from a bit of a distance so it's not the best shot. But, oh well. This is after he couldn't get it up to have sex with Gretchen, and she later jokes about it.

dvdcollector was written on October 30, 2003

Great looking actor -- but shot at a distance

When Franka Potente walks into her flat, she sees him lying in her roommate's bed. He is completely naked, but we see it only at a distance. This is a great-looking actor who became famous as a model.

Bubblez was written on September 29, 2000

Butt when lying in bed

After having sex with Anna Loos, he's lying in the bed and we get to see his bum. He is really handsome, but the view of his Butt is not the best!

Guiseppe was written on September 8, 2007

Holger's Tight Ass!

In this violent German horror flick, we get too see a passable amount of the male 'Anatomy.' Halfway through the film, Franke Potente enter's her friends apartment, startled to find a fully nude Holger Speckhahn asleep on his stomach without any sheets covering his smooth body. During this scene we get a somewhat distant glance at his tight, muscular cheeks that make you drool with lust. C'est manifique!

Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey
Ozzie700 was written on August 13, 2002

Fighting and death

Arndt has one of those cute punk-boy looks, with his multiple piercings and shaggy black hair. From about 17-22 minutes you can see several views of his plump, pleasing buttocks as he fights and is killed by very thorough guards.

Mattg was written on April 26, 2001

Good butt, but mildly cute

Plays mildly cute young student who finds himself strapped to an operating table, about to be injected with some kind of blood hardening poison. He surprises one of the villains by jumping him, and we see that's completely naked. Nice, but quick shots of his not-bad butt in the struggle, but then he's killed by one of the villains and falls on the floor. Good overall shots of his butt lying dead on the floor.

dvdcollector was written on October 30, 2003

Nice view of butt while lying on floor

Has a punk-look in this film. Only moderately handsome, but shows his butt quite extensively as he fights his murderer completely naked. When he is dead, we see him lying naked on the floor for a long time and get the sense that his butt is his best "ass"et.

Guiseppe was written on September 8, 2007

Male Butt on Display

Arndt Schwering gives us the most exposure of flesh in Anatomy but I wish it were Benno and not him. Not to say Arndt isn't handsome in his own way, but his nudity can't compare to the wanted yearning of seeing more Benno body. Anyways...Arndt is on display for an extended amount of time. He wakes up, fully nude, and tries to escape the lab. We get fleeting images of his dimpled, round ass in many shots and even quick glimpses at his big balls. Overall a terrific scene.

Benno Fürmann
Ozzie700 was written on August 13, 2002

Butt Kisser

At around 37 minutes, this Adonis has his bicycle shorts pulled down so the ladies can ogle at a close-up view of his great ass. Then one of them kisses a supple cheek. Very brief nudity, although hot. This scene suffers if you see the US dubbed version (this was on the Encore channel version I watched), so you may want to hit mute.

sportybasel was written on May 28, 2007

naked ass

nice ass, german

Mattg was written on April 26, 2001

Top of hot butt

Very, very hot actor. Plays this beautiful stud the women lust over. In one scene, Gretchen objectifies him in the park, showing off what a beautiful specimen he is. She pulls down the side of his spandex shorts to display how hot his butt muscles are, and then she kisses his cheek. Would have liked to see more of this babe.

dvdcollector was written on October 30, 2003

Bubble butt kissed

Finally we get to see his butt. This actor has too many films in which he teases but shows nothing. Here is looks great -- better than in his other films. His girlfriend pulls down his bicycle shorts twice in succession and displays perfectly shaped mounds. Then she kisses then and sends him on his way.

Bubblez was written on September 29, 2000


We get to see his super bum, when Anna Loos drops his pants to see his butt. She later kisses it. He has such a great bum!I'm waiting for the frontal!

Guiseppe was written on September 8, 2007

Benno's God mage cheek--s

The handsome Benno Furmann is briefly and somewhat partially on display in 'Anatomy.' A female character calls Benno over from a football game so she can use him as an example for the male anatomy. As she points on the structure of his body with scientific names, she decides to pull down his shorts and point out his luscious glutious maximus. And maximus indeed! We get to see his right cheeks and most of his left, leaving us with an almost wholesome image of his God-given cheeks. I just wish we saw more....

Sebastian Blomberg
Mattg was written on April 26, 2001

Naked, but not much

Cute actor plays love interest of lead character. Near the end, he's strapped to a table to be operated on by the AAA villains (must see the film to understand) and he's clearly naked, although his mid-section is covered. But we do get a great look at his pubes.

dvdcollector was written on October 30, 2003

Pubic hair only

Great-looking actor is naked on table, but he is covered right where he shouldn't be! We get a nice look at his pubic hair and can catch a glimpse of a small bit of penis, but not nearly the whole thing.

donby was written on April 13, 2005

Lying backside on the lab table. We see pubes, but that's it.

The scene comes near the end of the movie. This film wins my award for showing more nude males without ever showing a crotch area (pity)! All the more surprising since this is a German film, and didn't they invent Naturism itself?

Movie tells the story of a group of doctors who need bodies for medical specimens. Only thing is they incapacitate the victims and dissect them alive! The plot bears some resemblence to the 1978 American film, "Coma." But this one is better.

With all its twists & turns , the second half of the movie will have you on the edge of your seat. Kudos to all involved who provide us with many shocks along the way.

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