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Julie Davis
superhero was written on February 18, 2003

2 brief scenes

First scene she shows very brief right breast while in bed as blanket comes off of her before she goes underneath the blanket to go down on her boyfriend.
Her other scene later in the movie she shows her bare back and most of her left breast as she gets out of bed. Fairly brief midrange shot.
There are also a couple of scenes where her nipples show up thru her top.
Nice body.
She also wrote and directed this movie.

Chicago was written on February 22, 2003

2 scenes

superhero does a good job of describing Julie's scenes. Her first comes at :41:21; as the guy goes under the covers to oral her, the covers slip partially down off her right breast...1 sec. viewing followed by 24 sec. more of cleavage. At 1:10:19-1:10:32 while arguing with her boyfriend, Julie sits up in bed and changes from a nightie into a shirt with her back to the camera; as the camera pans around the bed, however, there are some unblocked shots of the side of her breast from a medium-to-long distance.

TranslucentShield was written on December 9, 2002


Quick nipple slip while getting eaten-out by her boyfriend. Nothing notable. The film is called "Amy's O" on DVD and VHS, probably because Blockbuster won't carry a film with the word "ORGASM" in the title.

Julie Bowen
CamManCan was written on January 28, 2005

Topless in Deleted Scene

She pulls a gun on a guy as she holds his head between her legs. Her right breast, with nipple, dangles down into the shot. There's speculation that it's a body double, but it looks similar the same breast that popped out at the Grammys a few years ago.

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