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So, Linda 1 Review
Leung, Winnie 1 Review

Amphetamine's Sexy Actors

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Price, Thomas 1 Review
Pang, Byron 1 Review

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Linda So
McKinnon was written on June 21, 2011

Sex with Byron Pang

Linda plays Byron Pang's sort of girlfriend. Early in the film, there's a quick flash of the two of them sitting next to each other, naked. We see this played out a little later on, as he tries missionary, then doggy style, before realizing he isn't able to finish the job. You mostly see her breasts and one dark and semi-obscured full frontal during the doggy style scene.

Winnie Leung
McKinnon was written on June 21, 2011

Comfort sex

Winnie is very pretty and has a nice body, although she is made to look a bit frumpy for the role. She is the best friend of Thomas Price's character. In the last 20 or 30 minutes of the film, Byron Pang's character rapes her (offcamera). When she tells Price what has happened, and that she always saw herself as his, Price tries to, I guess, make this up to her by having sex with her. This isn't exactly a sexy scene, but the actors commit and you can see them going from anguish to pleasure. You can see her breasts as she's riding Price and he plays with them. After this they're shown on a couch or something and he's taking her from behind, the two of them slowly grinding; there is another somewhat obscured look at her breasts during this.

Thomas Price
McKinnon was written on June 21, 2011


Thomas Price is one of the leads of the film, playing the fairly clean-cut businessman who falls for the damaged character played by Byron Pang. Price has a well-built but slender body and shows most of this at various points in the film, but never a full frontal. Usually this seems to be deliberately obscured through blocking or camera angles. He does have a fantastic ass, which you can see at best glimpse when he's in a gym shower with Pang. More rear shots are shown when he walks into his private shower (soon followed by Pang), when he's in bed trying to initiate sex with Pang, and some underwater swimming scenes at the end of the film.

Byron Pang
McKinnon was written on June 21, 2011

Everything, including erection

Byron is one of the film's leading men and has the lion's share of nudity in the film. He has a leanly muscled, smooth body, although for the first half of the movie he has awful hair that makes him look like he stuck his head in flour. He shows full frontal and rear nudity during an extended shower scene in a gym, (Thomas Price is watching Yang wash himself), a flashback to an ugly and traumatic experience, a scene at the start and near the end where he is in silver body paint and angel wings, and a bed scene with Thomas Price where Price begins anal sex, and Yang stops him. As he turns over, we see that he may be partially or fully erect, and this is quickly confirmed when he hallucinates picking Price up and throwing him out into the skyline. He's erect throughout this sequence. There is also another shower scene, in Price's bathroom, the two of them kissing and hugging.

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