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Mena Suvari
TripleThreat was written on January 2, 2002

Lots of Teasing

You would think from the title of this movie that there would be nudity everywhere but its all just a big tease. Mena is really young in this movie and is supposed to lose her virginity live on Pay Per View. A few times u can get an ok look at her ass as she is in a semi see through teddy type number and then it looks like her nipple almost pops out once while she is bending over the toilet. All in all I was mad I wasted all this time watching this movie and all you get to see are some nobody peoples tits. Mena does do a hell of a job teasing with some nice outfits though.

Kira Reed
Dudester was written on June 1, 2003

Really Horrible Movie

Mena Suvari stars in this stinker as the virginal daughter of a porn producer. She's auctioned off her virginity for 200k and will be deflowered on a live broadcast on her 18th birthday. Horrible acting, horrible directing, horrible writing, and the worst ever performance by Robert Loggia. Don't buy or even rent this movie. Mena doesn't give us a peek at her perkies but Kira appears as a fluffer who stands topless, with DD cups, and has a thirty second conversation with mena's boyfriend who is trying to stop the main event.

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