American Tiger's Sexy Actresses

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Rodriguez, Regina 1 Review
Prouty, Victoria 1 Review

American Tiger's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Gaylord, Mitch 1 Review

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Regina Rodriguez
cecil was written on November 27, 2004


At 70 minutes she is lying in bed wearing a robe. An uncredited actor (wearing a mask) playing the young version of Donald Pleasance's character opens her robe and we see several close ups as he rubs her left breast. A few more close ups after she apparently dies.

Victoria Prouty
cecil was written on November 27, 2004

stripper, shower, & sex

At about 6 minutes she lures Mitch Gaylord onto a boat to seduce him, brief view of one breast as they make out. They are interrupted, about 1 second clear view of breasts as she dresses. At about 25 minutes, Daniel Greene watches a tape of the earlier make-out session, a few frames of one breast. A minute later Mitch is dreaming of sex with her, brief side view of breasts as she is atop him. At 43 minutes we see her from a medium distance dancing in the stripper bar, then about 5 seconds of close, clear view of her breasts. At 51 minutes she undresses to shower, side of breasts as she takes off her top. She leans out of the shower to lure Mitch in and we briefly see one breast. He joins her in the shower (wearing his jeans), and we see her bare rear and side view of breasts as they embrace. Then afterwards she's sitting on the bed beside him, clear view of bare breasts.

Mitch Gaylord
yowza was written on November 14, 1999

Not-Worth-It Buns

A girl comes on to Gaylord so that they can be filmed making love (unbeknownst to him). They get to the point where she peels his shorts down when he hears the cameraman and yanks them back up. The shot is from far away and hard to see. From the looks of it, Gaylord has an unusually short butt-crack (I think longer ones are sexier)

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