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Beluzzi, Maria Antonietta 2 Reviews

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Brancia, Armando 1 Review

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Maria Antonietta Beluzzi
J-Love was written on July 25, 2001

Best Oedipal fantasy on film.

In Chapter 32 of this DVD, appropriately titled "Uplifting Experience", our teenage hero tries to scam a cigarette after hours from the middle-aged female tobacconist. Moments after he is invited into the shop, he is showing off his "strength" by lifting Ms. Beluzzi off the ground. Of course, because of his height, his head is burrowing into the bottom of 2 of the biggest natural breasts ever put on film (for a woman who is not "fat".) She is appropriately aroused, and invites him to suck on her massive left breast. Seconds later, he is given the right one as well, and after incredible close-ups of this nipple-sucking, he dives into her cleavage completely. This has got to be one of the most erotic scenes of all time, probably because it fulfills fantasies from the earliest part of sexual awakening. Who hasn't wanted to suck on the triple D's of our freshman English teacher or that impossibly endowed school nurse? A must for big breast lovers.

jea was written on December 17, 2004


Amazing woman, amazing sceen. I wish I was the boy in the movie. Just 3 stars because se only shows her tits.

Armando Brancia
shizmatic was written on August 24, 2008

Standing naked in the tub

It's a nude but not erotic scene. We see his hairy behind as he gets up after a bath. I'm giving him 5 stars for courage, because he's middle aged and fat. This is worth a review because it's an unusual scene.

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