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Matthew Leitch
LSavage01776 was written on October 20, 2004

Frontal in split screens

Toward end of movie, Dean (Matthew) has simulated sex, bottoming to Benjamin's top. Shortly after we see Dean's pubes (alas - no penis) as he sits in bed. Then he stands for a nice nude full body profile - but again alas he is turned away just far enough to keep his privates tantalizing out of sight. Finally we get a full-body, full-frontal shot of Dean, but so dimly lit that I had to watch frame by frame to make sure he wasn't wearing a banana-sock.
I might have rated this higher if I hadn't just seen Randy Becker's gloriously sunlit and fully exposed scenes on a raft in "Love! Valour! Compassion!" If they'd only shown Randy "randy" my bliss would have been complete!

5th_element was written on May 26, 2002

Frontal in split screens

Towards the end of the movie, after Leitch's character's love making to Benjamin, there is a semi close-up on Leitch's willy as he sits on the bed. Later, in dim light, we see him walking around the room naked with his willy hanging. It's also interesting how his naked body appears in three different screen shots at one time. An excellent and innovative way of moving making.

George Asprey
5th_element was written on May 26, 2002

Lying in bed with butt exposed

Aspery plays a 30-40something gay playboy in the movie. In one scene after he summons Benjamin for love-making, Aspery's character falls sleep on top on Benjamin. We see his lean tall back with his beautiful butt.

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