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Gina Janssen
AceOfClubs was written on April 3, 2005

Every Inch Bared

Beautiful blonde Gina gets fully naked and does some hardcore sex scenes in this film. She is shown undressing to full nude and getting into hot tub displaying boobs, bush, and great big white ass. She embraces a nude and erect guy and fondles his penis in a close up. Later she is on top of the same guy giving him a massage, both are fully nude and very oily. She procedes to stroke his oiled up hard-on a few times then he gets on top of her. In a close up shot from behind the guy, you can see him penetrating her vagina, her anus is also displayed and she is using the guy's scrotum as a stress ball, squeezing with her hand. In addition to the close up you can see the guy penetrating her in a full body shot where you can see her face too, so unlike Anne Bergman, Gina appears to be doing the hardcore work herself. Although neither actress gives head, there are a few blowjobs from uncredited actresses, as well as one male orgasm shot as a cute blonde jerks off an Arab sheik's 9 inch dong under the dining table.

Anna Bergman
AceOfClubs was written on April 3, 2005

Fully Nude

Swedish beauty has quite a few scenes nude in this film. In one scene she is wearing a maid's outfit and a black wig, she gets totally naked, except for garter belt and stockings, and gets on the bed lying on her belly. When the guy comes in, he sees her ass up and we can clearly see hairy snatch and gaping brown rectum, but this looks like the work of a body double. He starts having sex with her and you can see some close up shots of his erect penis penetrating her, but again these close up shots are probably not Anne. She has a few other scenes where she shows full frontal and buns and looks gorgeous with her natural blonde hair.

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