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Clarence Williams III
Ozzie700 was written on November 28, 2001


Early in the film, he's walking out of the prison shower and waits a moment to put a towel on. The upper half of his butt is seen as he's going to the sink. Nothing great to see.

Samuel L. Jackson
Ebert311 was written on June 12, 2000

Prison Examination Scene

Again, I'm not a fan of male nudity but since Sam showed his "Shaft" in this movie, then you may want to check this out. In this movie, they are checking out all the new prisioners and Sam is in the lineup. If you watch carefully, you will see his butt and his penis.

Ozzie700 was written on November 28, 2001

Through a Grating

I may have not been paying enough attention, but during the strip scene, I only saw his pubes and lower torso. When he turns around his butt can only be seen for a millisecond before the camera pulls back and the entire scene takes place through a grating or fence.

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