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Aberdeen's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Headey, Lena 4 Reviews

Aberdeen's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Skarsgård, Stellan 2 Reviews

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Lena Headey
Chicago was written on July 18, 2002

3 scenes

At :01-:01.25, Lena is on top sexing a guy in a darkly lit room and with the focus a little fuzzy as her breasts with erect nipples are viewable. At :04.75-:06 as nudedude describes is Lena's best scene. She takes a phone call from her mother, gets out of bed naked and goes to the bathroom...brief breasts; after she showers, she jumps out, wraps a towel around her waist and walks around the house topless continuing to talk to her mother...excellent views of her firm, untanned, hand-cupped sized breasts with persistently erect brown nips. At :22.5-:23, Lena strips to her panties by the wintry river and goes partially in...breasts with very small areola somewhat viewable at the bottom of the screen. A solid 2 1/2 *'s; had she given a little ass, she'd have easily gotten 3.

sirspread was written on March 20, 2003


nice shots of boobs while she changes unfortunatley her boobs are not that great but 3 stars as it is good nudity (there are a few other scenes as well)

nudedude was written on April 22, 2002

Three Topless Scenes

At the very beginning of the movie there is a brief topless scene; about a minute later there is an extended topless scene (she's answering the phone and putting clothes on)- this one is very nice; the third scene is another brief topless scene. Definitely check it out if you're a Lena Headey fan.

BMac was written on April 26, 2008


If you like 'em flat, small-breasted Lena Headey provides some clear views of her scrawny boobies in the first 23 minutes of this movie. The opening is brief and shadowy, but she's on top so it's a relatively flattering shot of Headey's 32B nubs. During this six-second stretch, the best-lit bit is at 1:27. Beginning at 4:58, Headey gets out of bed the next morning and walks around her flat, taking a call and jumping into the shower. Lena Headey is a small girl and doesn't show much here other than her mosquito bites, but fans should enjoy their prolonged exposure. She's not tan, but her cupcakes are plain vanilla in comparison, almost ghostly white. Even Headey's areolas and nipples are small, and very pink as though this is the first time her chest has seen the light of day. There are intermittent good views through 5:56, then a more distant one at 6:08-11 from down the hall as she sits on the side of the tub. Later, Headey strips down to her panties at riverside. Although the scene lasts about 30 seconds, the only good view is at 22:45-47.

Stellan Skarsgård
Ozzie700 was written on July 18, 2002

Frontal in shower

I think this is around the half-hour or 40 minute mark. Stellan plays a drunken, deadbeat dad in this movie, and his adult daughter rips open the shower curtain to hand him whiskey. You can see most of his medium-sized, uncut penis (this is the widescreen version), then the camera moves back a little, and you can see his entire penis. This scene is more effective than mere words could ever be, because she shows how much contempt she has for him.

BMac was written on April 26, 2008

Full frontal

Stellan Skarsgard isn't as a Hollywood pretty boy and also isn't as dissipated as his character, and so isn't shy about showing his package at 24:53-25:02, but this isn't a sexy scene.

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