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Amy Landecker
dav345 was written on February 20, 2010

Full frontal wearing a merkin

Although she does have a full frontal scene where you supposedly "see it all", including a huge bush, it's well publicized on the internet that she was wearing a merkin (fake bush) to replicate 60s era nudity. Thus, to me, it's fake nudity or the equivalent of seeing her topless. If fake bushes turn you on, check it out.

ut1stgear was written on January 9, 2012

Voyeur scene

Roughly 30 mins into the film. Nothing much to see. Very long shot with her barely visible. Although bush is there it is not that visible. Breasts are large and at least the shape of them is defined. Definitely not worth watching this movie for. Movie is a series of babbling by Larry. Movie not worth seeing for anything.

BMac was written on March 4, 2010

Great rack

Also check out Amy Landecker if great boobs turn you on. Too bad about the bush, but at 40, Landecker has better breasts than 90 percent of the 25-year-old starlets in Hollywood.

thornhillsouthguy was written on December 27, 2011

full view?

I finally saw this movie last night (very weird, no ending, no questions answered etc) and the scene they are referring to occurs 30 minutes into the movie, where Landecker's character, Mrs. Samsky, is sunbathing completely nude. Michael Stuhlbarg;s Larry, on the roof fixing his antenna, sees a glimpse of her and walks along the roof to see more, which (thankfully) he does. From the next house, 30 feet high and farther away. There is no dialogue. Considering the camera is probably 60 feet or more from Amy's body, I don't believe this scene should be worth more than two stars, if that. Credit to Amy Landecker for taking her clothes off (merkin or not....I despise cheats like that) but I could barely tell that she WAS nude from that distance. It is titillating but hardly erotic, she is unaware of Larry's presence, and he falls off the roof for his trouble. A fair scene at best (unless there is another version of this film where the camera is close enough to give you a clear shot of her bush/merkin), and hardly worth the praise of the other reviewers.

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