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Amanda Peet
musicfan13moviefan was written on June 4, 2005

Peet nude in camera dark and worthless

Amanda is a very pretty girl and has a good body. Sadly you can only tell because of the skimpy outfits she wears. This is not worth buying if you jsut want to see her nude. Ug farm boy Ashton Kutcher is naked right next to her ewww! So it is not good at all and you can't see anything they are posing naked in front of the camera and it is night time. All you can see is the outline of her butt. I would get another movie where she is naked! Not this one, I don't even think the movie was that good anyways.

CharmedBoy was written on February 25, 2006

Posing naked

She's posing for a photograph with Ashton Kutcher naked. It's a littlebit disapointing because it's dark, but you get to see the side of her breast. You can also see a glimp of her ass when she walks up the hill.

mcjw2011 was written on April 21, 2005

Side of breast and behind - according to kidsinmind.com

According to kidsinmind.com (and an inteview with Kutcher and Peet), Peet gets naked along with Ashton Kutcher and has their picture taken at nighttime. (Both Kutcher and Peet admitted that they DID get naked, so there's little possiblility of a possible body double.) Her nude scene is described as showing only the side of her breast and her butt. I haven't seen the movie yet, but will check it out for more details.

Ashton Kutcher
mcjw2011 was written on April 21, 2005

Butt at nighttime

As I mentioned in my review of Amanda Peet, Kutcher gets naked for a picture with Peet at nighttime in this romantic comedy. Kidsinmind.com says that Kutcher shows only his butt and his chest (his hands are covering his genitals). But since I haven't seen the movie yet, more details have yet to be revealed. So I'm giving this a 1-star rating right now, in case the scene disappoints. (Kutcher says he did the scene naked, so no hope of a body double.)

phofman was written on February 6, 2007

Side of butt in the dark

The scene occurs about 1 hour into the movie. Kutcher and Peet pose together in the moonlight. You only get to see the side of their naked bodies and the scene is so dark that you hardly see anything more than a silhouette. Not worth watching the movie for.

CharmedBoy was written on February 25, 2006

Side of butt

At nighttime he get naked. He's posing naked for a photograph with Amanda Peet. You can see his body from the side, also his nice butt.

xxpyroxx was written on September 7, 2005

glimpse or no glimpse

while standing in the middle of nowhere, ashton kutcher poses naked with his hands covering his genitals. there is not one glimpse of anything untill about 2-5 more min. into the movie where you do catch a very momentary glimpse of his butt.

needsomeass was written on September 12, 2006

nude side shot on beach

you see kutcher`s hot ass

(but dont get your hopes up it is only for a split second)

dude401 was written on October 2, 2005

Nude Photo Nightime Scene

The view is for about 2 seconds. Its only from the side. I gave this a two star rating because it was actually a nice butt from the side. Its round a little low but not that much. Its not small at all. Its Medium size. I wish that he would show it from the back.!!!!

Mattg was written on October 3, 2005

Finally a partial butt shot from god

Okay, it's a very quick shot, but it's the first nude scene by Mr. Kutcher, one of the best looking young actors in Hollywood, so it's cause for celebration. It's also a beautifully photographed shot with Kutcher and Peet huddled together in front of a panoramic night sky. First, we see Kutcher in a somewhat distant shot from the front, covering his genitals while the rest of his luscious, smooth body is bathed in moonlight. She's getting ready to take a picture of them both, and he says she's taking advantage of him. Then she joins him for the timed photograph - and we get a nice, closer shot of the two of them. Take your pick which one you want to look at. Ashton's side of his ass is very nice. It's a perky, shapely ass and side. And from someone as dreamy as him, it's truly awesome to behold. The pause on my DVD still works fine.

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